Ten years of Prague Street Law: Lessons to learn from our first decade

Michal Urban, Tomáš Friedel


Prague Street Law programme has been, at least to our knowledge, the longest, still running, Street law programme in the post-soviet area. In comparison with Street Law programmes in other parts of the world, passing a ten-year post may not appear that impressive. For an eastern and continental European legal literacy clinic it, however, represents an important landmark and an opportunity to stop, reflect and reconsider – and celebrate, too. Even though we have not yet perhaps come of age, there might be a younger programme interested in an older sibling’s experience, or indeed an older sibling interested in how their younger mate is doing. Our paper offers a brief description of the current programme, followed by a discussion of what we believe are ‘good’ practices that helped us to build up and sustain the programme. We also identify aspects that are better avoided. Briefly, we also share our current concerns and struggles. We hope that the paper will serve as an inspiration for those who are considering starting or expanding their own Street Law programme. It is no doubt a tribute to all those who helped us along our path.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19164/ijcle.v26i3.865

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